RushCon 13: July 5th - 7th, 2013 - Toronto

RushCon is the largest North American gathering of fans celebrating the music of Canadian rock band, Rush.

Once a year, fans from all over the world gather for several days of activities such as games, a charity auction featuring rare and collectible band memorabilia, a tribute band concert, important guest speakers from inside the band's inner circle and much, much more!

RushCon is a by-the-fans, for-the-fans event where folks have an opportunity to raise money for an important charity whilst having an amazing time learning more about the band, getting to know each other and connecting with other fans from around the world. Over the past 11 years, RushCon members have formed life-long friendships and bonded over their fondness of this band.

It's a tremendously fun, informative and exciting series of events where fans are able to spend a weekend experiencing all the sites and sounds of Rush and simultaneously catch up with old friends who'll make you feel like you're not the only kid in the room who can recognize an odd time signature.

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Event Information

RushCon 14: AUGUST 22-24th: TORONTO

While the band is on a well deserved break this summer, join fellow fans in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

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Friday August 22nd, 2014:

We kick off the three days of events with our opening night party! Location and details of this event to be announced later this spring.

Saturday & Sunday August 23-24th

Our convention events will take place at The Great Hall. This super cool space will hold our daytime activities on Saturday and Sunday, as well as our Tribute Band show on Saturday night. We will have trivia, games, multimedia shows, door prizes, our charity memorabilia auction, some great guest speakers, Rush Karaoke, a closing night party and much more!

(Shuttle bus service between the official Eaton Chelsea and all official RushCon events will be provided throughout the convention.)

Guest speaker

RushCon is thrilled to announce that “Clockwork Angels: The Novel” author, Kevin J. Anderson, will be a guest speaker. We invited Kevin to share his amazing new project, CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Graphic Novel, and whatever other projects he may have up his sleeve!

Kevin collaborated closely with Neil Peart in the creation of the Clockwork Angels story. This is not the first time the duo has worked together - both created a dark fantasy short story, “Drumbeats,” and Neil also wrote an introduction for Kevin’s collection “Landscapes.” Kevin will read from his new books and share his experiences of their creation. Books will be on sale and Kevin will do a book signing.



During breaks between events, attendees may take a stab at belting out some of our favorite Rush classics. Choose from Fly By Night, Limelight, The Trees, Working Man, Turn the Page, Tom Sawyer, Freewill, One Little Victory, and The Spirit of Radio. Participants will need to sign up at the registration desk.

RushCon Charity Auction
Our annual RushCon charity auction features a selection of rare and collectible Rush memorabilia, courtesy of various donors.

We are still on the hunt for items for our Charity Auction. If you have any collectibles, memorabilia, home made art, or anything that you as a Rush fan would want to bid on, please send it our way. You will be helping to support an amazing cause, Care.ca. Please email auction@rushcon.org.

Rush Backstage Club will be on hand at RushCon 14! Stock up on all your official Rush gear! RushCon 14 shirts and merch will be on sale all weekend Also joining us on is “Sheldon the Poster Man” with his amazing collection of Rush posters for sale.

Travel Information

Our official RushCon 14 Hotel is:
Eaton Chelsea, Toronto
33 Gerrard Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z4
Phone: 416-595-1975

Centrally located within walking distance to Toronto‘s subway system, near the corner of Yonge St. and Gerrard St. W., Eaton Chelsea offers our angular mass of Rush fans contemporary and comfortable accommodations in the heart of the city.

We are pleased to offer a group rate of $149.00 per night (based on single or double occupancy) for August 22 - 25, 2014.  Reservations must be made by July 23, 2014 to receive the convention rate.  Rooms always fill up quickly, so make your reservations early!

When booking over the phone, please use the group code " RUS101014 " or mention “RushCon” by calling  at or 416-595-1975, or online with the code  "RUS101014"  via the link below:



Porter Airlines is proud to offer a 15% discount on available base fares (with the exception of the lowest class fare during a public seat sale) for travel to and from RushCon 2014.

Porter offers complimentary in-flight snacks and beverages (including beer and wine), GatePorter service for carry-on and access to the Porter Lounge in Toronto and Ottawa, where free Wi-Fi and comfortable, leather seating is available.

Promotion Code: RUSH14
The promo code is valid for RushCon attendees only. Book now at: flyporter.com

Porter Airlines - Promo Code Rules & Conditions
Available travel dates
  • To Toronto (from anywhere in Canada or the US): 08/19/2014 to 08/24/2014
  • From Toronto (to anywhere in Canada or the US): 08/22/2014 to 08/27/2014


We are proud to announce Air Canada as the official airline of RushCon (and provider of YYZ luggage tags!) If you want to fly directly into the City of Toronto Island, check out Porter Airlines.

Promotion Code: GKA49U81
This promotion code can be used for 100 passengers on aircanada.com.

Air Canada - Promo Code Rules & Conditions

• The booking is to be made to the following city: Toronto, YYZ (ON)
• The travel period begins Friday, August 15, 2014 and ends Sunday, August 31, 2014.
• No discount will apply to Tango and Executive Class lowest bookings for travel within Canada or between Canada and the U.S. However, all bookings made using the promotion code will count toward the minimum 10 passenger requirement for Meetings and Conventions events.

Crossing into Canada:
For all non-residents, you will need to show a valid passport at the border. They will usually ask you why you are going to Canada, for how long and where you are staying. They sometimes will ask to see proof of an event ticket. Make sure you are not bringing anything illegal into the country.

Getting into town:

From Pearson Airport:
There are four ways for a visitor to get from YYZ to downtown Toronto.

Each method involves a different amount of money and time, mind you.

Car Rental (available at all times)
The first method I'll mention is the worst from both a time and money standpoint. This would be renting a car at the arrivals terminal at the airport. This is a bad choice for many reasons. Do not rent a car. Although this choice may appear to be "a given" to many travelers from the United States, you should keep in mind that Toronto has evolved over the decades in such a way that our city has highways built for a city of 1.5 million inhabitants, while the city and its suburbs now have a population approaching six million. Parking is as expensive as eating sushi. The Marriott Courtyard charges $32 per day just to store your car. Everywhere else charges what they want to.

In addition to having to navigate very congested roads, you will likely never be able to use a rental car in downtown Toronto to visit any place other than the parking garage of the hotel you checked in to. Do not rent a car. You will not likely be able to park it anywhere, and even if you do find parking you will pay through the nose (up to $20 for an evening) for the privilege of walking three blocks from your parking spot to where you are going.

Taxi/Limo (available at all times)

The next option for getting from Pearson Airport to downtown is to take a taxi or limo. This option gives an air conditioned/heated ride into downtown and frees you from the ball and chain of having to park a car. The going rate for a private taxi from Pearson Airport to the Marriott Eaton Centre is about $60. The Bloomingdale limo service charges $71 for a nicer vehicle. Taxis and limos are available at the arrival level ground transportation sections of the airport terminals. (There are signs to lead the way.) This might be a good option for those arriving in groups.

Airport Express Bus

The third method would be to use the Airport Express bus service. The Airport Express service is provided by those gigantic inter-city buses that feature AC/heat, a washroom and big luggage bins and that "new car" smell. The service costs $29.95 (one way), and will deposit you at the Metropolitan Hotel / Bus Terminal stop. This is the closest of nine drop-off points downtown if you are staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre during RushCon. Tell the driver when boarding that you want to get off at the Bus Terminal / Metropolitan Hotel stop so you don't have to haul luggage for more than three blocks. These buses leave the airport every 20 minutes during the afternoon, and then become less frequent after 6 PM.

Airport Express Phone: 1-800-387-6787
Web: http://www.torontoairportexpress.com/service-info.php

The Toronto Transit Commission

In the same arrivals area served by taxis, limos and the Airport Express buses you will also find the TTC.

The TTC is Toronto's public transit service, and it serves 509 million passengers a year. Only New York City has more people using the local transit authority in North America outside Mexico. Everybody uses it. The TTC will take you from the airport to downtown for $3.

The TTC 192 Airport Rocket will get you downtown from the airport in 45 minutes for your $3. During rush hour, it is faster than a taxi or limo. You will not be the only person with luggage on the bus, so there is no reason to feel weird.

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All Contents ©2013 Rushcon. RushCon is a by-the-fans, for-the-fans event where folks have an opportunity to raise money for an important charity whilst having an amazing time learning more about the band, getting to know each other and connecting with other fans from around the world. RushCon has no official affiliation with Rush or Anthem Entertainment. As much as we wish we could, we have no way of getting anyone concert tickets or ways to meet the band.