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Robots From Tomorrow is a twice-weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

Robots is a show built on being a fan of something. While the fandom in question is usually comics, today's episode deviates from the norm a bit as Greg kicks off a 2-part chat with Jillian Maryonovich about fandom in general and their shared passion for the Canadian rock trio Rush. in particular.

Convince Me to Like this Band:

In Episode 4, Passionate Rush SUPER FAN and former aide to Barack Obama, Jillian Maryonovich, (AKA, "Rush Fan-In-Chief"), who has seen the band live over 90 times, has been featured in the Rush documentary Time Stand Still, and is a co-organizer of RUSHCon, (the convention for Rush fans), professes her deep and obsessive love for RUSH and argues on behalf of The Holy Trinity against Rush "HATER", Brian Cogan, Ph.D who is a professor and author of several books on pop culture, including The Encyclopedia of Punk , Deconstructing South Park, and Everything I Ever Needed To Know About ___* I Learned From Monty Python.

The Women of Rush: Featuring Eddy Maxwell, Donna Halper and Kelly D

The Future of RushCon and deep into the journey of being a Rush fan.

Donna Halper talks about Neil.

Rush's Neil Peart on "The First Rock Drummer"

Radio Check - Life In The Concert Touring Industry

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