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Meet Calgary's Premier RUSH Experience

We all know YYZ(ed), but what about YYC? Meet Calgary’s Premier RUSH experience, and their upcoming event “A Legacy in Bronze - A Tribute to Neil Peart” on Sunday, June 25th, in partnership with the Peart Family Memorial Fund. Find out more about YYC here:

Mary Jo: Give us a little history of YYC- how/when/where did you meet and discover a shared love of Rush?

Christian Dallaire, YYC Drummer: I started the project in September 2019 in Calgary, Alberta. I was joined by Brian Winter on guitar, Greg Kristianson on bass, John Sinclair on lead vocals and Keith Campbell on keyboards. We are five huge RUSH fans that enjoy playing RUSH tunes and hanging out together.

Mary Jo: You have an amazing event coming up! Tell us all about it!

Christian: We’re excited to announce we’re hosting a Peart Family Memorial Foundation event on June 25, 2023 at

This was the brainchild of our merch lady Ethel Pittman, she's become good friends with Neil’s sisters, Nancy and Judy. Together they came up with the idea of coming out to Calgary for some kind of fundraiser. We weren't planning on doing any shows in June seeing as we already played in May and being a tribute band, we only play a few times a year in the same city, but at this point, it was inevitable that we would play at this event and so we ended up jumping in head first and are now hosting the whole schmozzle!

There will be performances by The School of Rock kids, YYC and a half dozen guest musicians. Silent, live and online auction of hundreds of items, mostly RUSH paraphernalia and an air drumming contest to win a Neil Peart portrait. Bonus: Special Meet & Greet with Nancy and Judy Peart!

Find YYC here:

YouTube: A Legacy in Bronze - A Tribute to Neil Peart:

By-Tor & the Snow Dog:

If you'd like to have your Rush Tribute Band showcased, please send the following information to A follow up interview will be conducted with bands selected to be a RushCon featured Tribute Band.

· Band Name

· Location, date formed, Band highlights

· Band Members & Instruments (in the order you want them listed)

· Links to three of your best songs or videos

· Any website & social media links. General contact information for the band.


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