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"Geddy Who?"

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I arrived at Massey Hall last night at 7:45 and was super excited to see the show again. Having been to the opening night show, I knew what to expect of the format. Many of us had hoped for a specific guest host, so when the lights went down, and the name came on the screen, I cracked a huge smile. "My Effin' Lifeson." Alex walked out on the stage, and the whole place erupted. He opened by saying, "Geddy, who?" and said seeing so many friends in the audience was fabulous. (The audience was a real whos-who of Team Rush over the years. Ray Danniels, Lorne Wheaton, Howard Undergerleider, and band friends and family.) He then brought on Geddy, sat down, and they proceeded to get into the discussion. As expected, it was nothing short of pant-wetting hilariousness. Those two just complement each other so well. They told some old stories and talked about Neil, of course, in hilarious detail about his first drum audition and many tales of touring life. Alex had so many wisecracks, and Geddy couldn't keep a straight face. Then, after intermission, George Stroumboulopoulos came out to do the fan questions, but they also brought Alex back out for that section. A favorite question was, "What would you change if you could do it all over again?" Geddy took a heartfelt pause and then thoughtfully answered, "Nothing. I wouldn't change a thing." And Alex quipped back, "I would have joined the Beatles." The audience howled. Geddy and Alex expressed earnestly how grateful they were for their career and loved what they created together. The relationship these two have is so genuine and loving, and seeing them share stories and talk to each other with such adoration filled my heart with so much happiness. I can see why they have been lifelong friends and musical partners. What a fantastic way to cap off a whirlwind tour!

The "My Effin' Life" book tour was such a remarkable experience, and I was so grateful to see such a different side of Geddy. The show was incredible, and the tour crew who put it on should be incredibly proud. From the videos, the stage design, and the audio, it was so pitch-perfect, and you brought this Rush so much joy.

I especially enjoyed the past four weeks on my evening constitutionals through Brooklyn, listening to the emotion in Geddy's voice via the audiobook. I binged chapters at a time, laughing out loud at the funny parts and crying in shared grief at the many sad memories. My mind also raced, imagining witnessing all the legendary music being crafted and being eternally grateful to have been alive to experience so many live Rush shows. I didn't want the story to end.

Thank you, Geddy (Alex and Neil), for sharing your life and talents.

And thanks to everyone who came out to our 4 RushCon events. We met many new Rush fans and were happy to share this delightful and moving experience. Many thanks to Mary Jo and Rodney, Holly Smith, Eddy Maxwell, Kristy Williams, Christopher Schneberger, Yidnar Maryonovich, Andy and Andy at Anthem Records, Adin at Henderson Beer, Mike Curren, Christopher Irwin, Paul Beleiu, Jonathan Dinklage, Donna Halper, and my ride-or-die road crew, Nancy, Brian, and Judy.


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